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What's up with the personal questions asking about my private information when setting up my account?
First and foremost, you can opt out of these questions, so you don't have to answer anything you're not comfortable with.  If you are nice enough to answer them for us, we use this data as a snapshot glimpse of our entire player's demographic info.  From there, we can better understand what new sports we can offer, what new mobile app we should be working on, and what sponsors are best to take on in this club.  For example, if everyone was making a six figure salary, it is assumed that a deal from "Quick n' Loans" isn't something that may interest you.  Another example, let's say that 90% of you are renting apartments, it tells us 2 things.  First, we may want to get apartment deals for our players and, second, we should focus on advertising for new players at apartments rather than residence mailers.  Visa versa, if 90% of you own a home, then you probably don't want to hear about apartment deals, but rather lawn cutting or snow plowing deals instead.  So, by answering these questions, it helps us tremendously with the direction of GRSSC.  As always, all your data is safe with us, as we never share or sell your personal data to 3rd parties.  Not even our mothers have access to this data.  Cheers!

I'm pregnant, can I still play?
We strive to make every effort to keep each and every player safe while playing in our leagues.  With the understanding that we cannot completely control other players, teams, and/or certain situations during league play, the responsibility and liability falls on the individual player who is pregnant when making the cholice to join one of our leagues.  Any player joining our leagues are participating under their own free will and will be allowed to do so at their own risk.  We are not medical professionals and therefore we strongly recommend consulting with a doctor before playing with us.


Double-Headers...How does that work?
Sometimes, we get an odd number of teams that signup to play.  If this happens and we have the ability, we will schedule double-header games to make the season work.  Not every team can play an extra game, so we choose teams at random to play the double-header.  To keep it fair with win-loss records, the second game never counts for the team that is playing the double-header.  It only counts for the team playing against them.  This way, everyone will have a total of 7 games that will count towards their season record.

What happens during bad weather?

We're glad you asked! IF YOU DON'T HEAR FROM US, ASSUME THE GAME IS ON (because we're cool like that)!  But, in the event of really bad weather we will try to notify a game cancelation to everyone by 4pm via email, Facebook, Twitter, and a message on our website.  If we are forced to cancel a game close to game-time (within an hour), we will notify you all as listed above plus a phone chain.  We will call every captain and they will then call their players.  If we cannot reach a captain, we will continue to call members of that team until we reach a live talking body on the other end.  We leave room in our calendar to make up 1 or 2 weeks if weather or other unforeseen conditions force us to cancel games.  Once we reach this threshold of make up dates, we no longer have the opportunity to play those games.  Although we will do everything possible to make sure games are played, we run in to rare instances when it is not possible.  Refunds will be made based on these instances in the form of site credit.

How do you handle tiebreakers?
In the case of a win-loss record tie between 2 or more teams, the winner is determined in the following order:  1. Head to head, 2. Team with less points scored against, and 3. team with higher point scored differential.

Does my Sub have to wear my game shirt?

No.  Subs do not wear a GRSSC shirt, but rather a shirt similar in color to your team. The Sub must check in with a GRSSC staff member before playing to receive a GRSSC wrist band for the night. 

How/when does my team select a shirt color?

After your team is fully registered (secured), meeting the minimum players required for a team, the captain can then email with their team's shirt color request. Any requests after the registration deadline is not guaranteed


Can we use Substitutes (subs)?

Yes. You can bring on a friend to sub for a missing player, but your sub MUST be replacing an actual missing player, not just adding more people to your team. Your sub must check in with a GRSSC staff person before playing. Failure to do this may result in that sub not playing at all and or penalties to your team.

Do you offer refunds?

I don't have a full team, but can I still signup to be on a team on my own or with my friend (s)?

Free Agents, how does that work?

Free Agents: If you want to be paired with another or few free agents, simply email us and we will keep that as a note.  Then, once registration is closed, please check to make sure you all landed on the same team.  We have always been able to accommodate these small groups in the past without a problem.  If you have a larger number of people that need to stay together, then we would suggest forming your own team, then recruit from the free agent pool to fill up your team.

At the end of registration, we will place Free Agents on teams that need them and/or create a new team of Free Agents.  Regardless, once you pay to play, you are guaranteed to play, regardless of if you are a team player, captain, or Free Agent.  Please note, if you fail to notify by the day of registration closing that you wanted to be paired with another Free Agent, we cannot guarantee that can happen, as we will immediately start assembling teams.  It is your responsibility to tell us.  Remember, we are not mind readers here ;-)

How does the online registration work exactly?

What's all included with my registration fee?

What is the GRSSC?

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