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Social vs. Competitive Leagues

Now offering both Social and Competitive leagues!  

What's the difference?  Here's a quick chart that will help you and your team find the perfect league with the right fit!

Tons of new and great upgrades we've made to clearly define what is a "Social" league and what is a "Competitive" league.  Each type of league is super unique and fitting to it's type.  Of course, everyone who plays with GRSSC is expected to be awesome and social, we are just using these names to help further clarify the type of league we will be running. 
Social Leagues - We wanted to bring back the old way we used to roll.  No officials, super laid-back, and uber social.  Enjoy theme nights, after parties at the bar, and make tons of new friends!
Competitive Leagues - Now, teams can enjoy playing on upgraded pristine fields with trained officials making every close call.  We'll still bring out the camera, but only once per season, allowing us to focus on what you find more important, the game!  

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