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Check out our new look (coming in 2018)

We have a brand-spakin' new website coming your way and we think you're gonna love it.

Here's a sneak peak at some upcoming features in our new launch.  Can you believe we've been building this bad-boy for over 2 years now?  Well, it's gonna be epic.

Some Big Features For You

"Find a Sub"  - We know you lead a busy life, and sometimes you find out last minute that you can't make the game tonight!  You might think, "oh boy, I hope our team won't have to suffer or worse, forfit."  Well no worries mate, with a simple click of a button, we'll auto message any and all available subs in our database.  The first one to confirm it get's the spot (like Uber).  Your team and the person subbing for you are instantely notified.  

$5 Referrals - Through our new system feature, you'll now be able to send out invitations to join our club to all your friends/family.  If they haven't played with us yet, they will get an instant $5 credit to use to register for a league.  Once they register, the system will automatically add a $5 credit to your account as well.  There is no limit to the amount of referrals credits you can earn.  With this, you could virtually play for free, just by telling people about us!

   Badges - Now, you can earn virtual "badges" just by playing and having fun with us!  Our nifty system will track your league activities, unlocking badges as you meet certain thresholds.  For example, we have a "Crayola Badge", collect 10 different color game shirts and you earn this badge and a free league, on us!  You get the idea.  Some badges come with "goodies" like this and some just offer bragging rights.  Unlock enough badges and you make it into our "Hall of Fame", where you play free for life!

User Profiles - Ok, so we mimiced Facebook a bit, but we really think you'll like our upgraded user profiles, allowing you to upload and feature up to 5 expandable photos of yourself!  You'll also have your earned badges there on display.  

Notifications - We've built a robust notification model that will ensure you won't miss a thing!  

Easier Registration - Building a new profile is super simple (just need name and email).  When registering, you can now send invites directly from the checkout page plus you can also choose to pay for them if you wish!  You can easily pay with credit card, site credit, or a combination of both.  



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