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"Play Free For Life" Campaign  Old School · Co-Ed Super Social (Adult)

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Registration Dates:
2017-01-19 – 2017-05-01 regular
You the Club Members!
Minimum age:
21 years old
Age as of:
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Team Fees

That's right, help us sell just 50 engraved brick ($125 each) and you will be inducted to our Hall of Fame, where you, my friend, will be able to play any sport league of your choice, FOR LIFE!  

What are you doing with this money?  We have a $2.3M facility we are building that will house some of our sport events (inside and out), our offices, and a rocking bar & restaurant. Once up and running, we will expect the foot-traffic to reach over 80,000 attendees per year.  We need to raise $250,000 to make this dream come true!

Tell us more about the facility:  We can only tell you so much for now.  We can tell you that we hired Rockford Construction for the design/build.  We are also working with Progressive A/E.  The facility location will be only a 5 min. drive from downtown.  You'll be able to play both indoors and out, enjoy amazing food inspired by Chef Chris Wessely, and wash it down with your favorite ice-cold adult beverage.  This will house the GRSSC main office, where all the magic happens.

Where's this engraved brick going?  We are going to install all our engraved brick either in the walkway leading to the front doors, as the flooring in our restaurant/facilities main foyer (entryway with a spot light for everyone to see), or we may use it as our patio in back next to our beer garden...oops!  Did we say, "beer garden"?  Yup, another exciting detail just slipped out.  Overall, we plan to pick the most strategic spot to plant these beautiful brick pavers so that everyone can see them.  Look, we have always said that our players (you) have been the foundation of our club.  Now, we can take that statement and make it into a literal one.  How cool will it be to see all your names in brick, acting as the true foundation of our new building.  Holding up all the people that come to visit, welcoming them into our club.  And the coolest part:  those names will last forever.

Give me examples of who would by a brick and what would go on them?  Sure thing!  A player's name.  Maybe an, "In Memory of" brick.  A team's name with their standings and/or year.  A company's name (great branding with lots of foot traffic to see it), a significant other (why carve your initials into a tree when you can do it in a brick).  A church's name.  A fun shout out.  There are tons of ideas and reasons for anyone and everyone to get involved!

Here's The Breakdown
Sell 5 Brick    1 Free League - get a free league for every 5 brick you sell!
Sell 25 Brick VIP Opening - You and a +1 get invited to our exclusive VIP Opening.  Rub elbows with some important people in town while checking out the place before we open to the public!
Sell 50 Brick                                            You play free for life!

Ok, I'm in, what now? 

1. Register on this site to be our Fundraiser Ambassador! - We help track your success online by awarding you a point for every successful brick sold.

2. Sell some brick!  Print the "Brick Order Form" and have each donor fill it out with payment (cash or check).  They can pay via credit card online from our main page or by clicking here.  There's a field to put your name down so you can get credit for it.

3. Drop off any completed forms and payments to our office.  We'll award you the points online once we have received both the form and the payment.  Stop in as often as you like.  Grab a beer from our fridge and socialize a bit if you have time.  We love company!

Downloadable Forms
Brick Order Form Have your donor fill this out
Your Tracking Sheet Use this to track your progress
Play Free For Life PDF Presentation with more details on what we're doing and how you can help
Marketing Packages PDF View all marketing and sponsorship opportunities.  From title sponsorship to court signage.


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